Data Processing Agreement

What is a data processing agreement?

In the agreement between Pluform and its customers, Pluform is a data processor. Coaches and clients share their personal data and information; Pluform safeguards these data. In a so-called Data Processing Agreement (DPA), we describe what you can expect from Pluform, what Pluform does to keep the data safe and how we handle things like security breaches. On this page, you can download a DPA. 

For who is the DPA? 

Each organization that works with Pluform can sign a DPA. Are you a client? Then you do not have to sign the DPA. 

How does it work? 

1. Download the DPA .
2. Add your information where necessary (the grey boxes indicate that)
3. Add your signature. You can do this by adding an image or scan of your signature in the document. 
4. Do not forget to add your contact information in Appendix F. 
5. Save the DPA. 
6. E-mail the DPA back to Pluform (
7. You will receive the DPA back, now also signed by Pluform. 

Do you have questions? Please let us know! Send us an email ( or call us at +31 13 2070180.